Bev MacDonald


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Glorieta Christian Conference Center in the mountains above Santa Fe, NM, was a real find for us. Walking the grounds is a simple joy. The clear, fresh air and complete quietness, except for the sound of the breeze through the aspen, are truly good for anyone. Who doesn’t need some time for just stopping to meditate or pray quietly? We found The Prayer Garden in October, with the leaves dressed to perfection in their autumn colors, as they gently floated to the ground – For us this was the perfect place to stop and talk to our Creator.

Two rows of very tall aspen, vibrantly wearing their beautiful yellow fall yellow, stood on either side of a double walkway,which lead upwards to the top of the Garden. Between the two sidewalks was a trench where water could cascade gently downward to a quiet pool at the bottom of the steps. Although the pool was dry that sunny October day, but we could imagine the sound and sparkle of it, nevertheless.
As we began our leisurely walk to the top, a sign with a prayer was posted along the path, wished us benefit of the time we would spend there. When we arrived at the top, there was a large area where benches and a gazebo were available for taking time to sit and meditate as long as one would choose. In the stillness of those moments, we each prayed in our own way. Feeling God’s presence was not difficult on that hillside our last day at Glorieta. It was as if God had come to spend time with just us.
Taking the time to sit, reflect, pray and share gave us renewed energy for our walk back through the hills.