Jim Burgess


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I am sitting here enjoying watching a family of raccoons, a mother and at least two new babies, who occupy an owl box which is just outside the window of the office I’m working in here in Columbia,SC . The babies are about one and a half weeks old, and they are a riot to watch. Momma will take a break from her family about every 1/2 hour when she pops her head out, soon followed by her long body, and comes out for a break- -sprawled out on a limb with her head in a fork.

The two (?) babies then pop their heads out of the opening to see where mom has gone. They see her and can’t stand her being away form them, but they are too small to crawl up and out of the hole. So they just stay there with pitiful looks on their black faces as if to say, “But Mom, how can you do this to us? We are your family!” Dutiful mom crawls back in after “taking five.” They all disappear for about another hour when the same routine happens again. I’ve never had this opportunity before to watch, and as you can tell I am enjoying it. Sure makes working here interesting!