Enchanted World Doll Museum, Mitchell, South Dakota by Bonnie and Bill Neely

Just across the street from the Corn Palace you’ll find a change of pace at the Enchanted World Doll Museum, which celebrates its twentieth year this year and is one of the largest and best doll museums in the world. According tro Valerie LaBreche, Director, the museum grew from a collection which Sheldon F. Reese started, bringing back dolls from all of his business trips to other countries. When he and his wife Eunice Thomas Reese had 3,500 dolls in their home, they decided it was time to build a place for everyone to enjoy the collection.


Every little girl and grown-up girl will delight in spending minutes or hours in the castle-like building which now houses them. But don’t limit the wonderful experience to just females. Even the men and boys will find much to be fascinated with! We expected only a small room of display and found case after case of beautifully displayed 4,800 dolls in scenes depicting fairy tales, nursery rhymes, First Ladies and dolls representing almost every manufacturer and type you have ever heard of through the last century. The collection includes over 2,000 dolls from 125 countries in festival and native costumes.


The nominal fee and all proceeds from the wonderful gift shop go to charities through a foundation set up before the Reese’s death.