‘MOR’ THAN ENOUGH by Jack Goldfarb

Knowing I was to visit Jerusalem, Karola, a New York friend asked me to convey regards to friends of hers, a family named “Mor.” Karola wrote out the address for me (viz.) “Alfassiii, Jerusalem.”

A few weeks later in Jerusalem I found myself with free time and decided to deliver the regards. I searched for the street and found one called “Alfassi.” Studying the written address in my hand, I deduced that it was misspelled. My friend had written “Alfassiii,” – which would have meant House No. 3 (using Roman numerals). She probably got the street name wrong, calling it “Alfass.”


Can YOU Find The Difference?

In any case, I went to House No. 3, saw the name “Mor” listed in the lobby, climbed two flights and rang the bell. An eye peered through the peephole and a middle-aged woman opened the door. I introduced myself. “I am from New York,” I said. “I have regards from your friend Karola.”

“Please come in,” said the welcoming lady of the house. “We’re just having lunch, won’t you join us ?” An extra chair was squeezed in, making over ten diners around the table digging into heaping platters of food.

After some fifteen minutes of chatty small talk sprinkled with approving comments on the tasty dishes, the hostess turned and asked me politely, “Who did you say you had regards from ? I didn’t quite catch the name…”

“Karola…Karola Swenson,” I replied, with a growing feeling of embarrassment.
An awkward silence followed. She glanced quizzically at the other guests around the table.

“ I’m afraid we don’t know this lady,” she said.

I abruptly rose to leave. “Oh, never mind,” she said. “Please sit down,” she insisted. “We are happy to have you here.”

Three hearty courses later, I finally did take leave, with profuse thanks and my repeated apologies that a mistake had been made.
Mrs. Mor and her family reassured me, “It was a pleasure to have you with us. Please do come again.”

Outside in ‘Alfass’ Street, I pondered the mystery. Had they really forgotten their old friend, Karola? But she had their correct address…
Or – could the correct address have been Alfassi 2 (Alfassi ii) ?

I crossed the street and reread the street sign carefully. It was Alfassi and therefore the correct address should have been “Alfassi 2. I checked the residents’ names at Alfassi 2. Surely enough, there was the name Mor. I pushed the buzzer, dreading the thought of another meal. Luckily no one was home.