From England To Texas Horrors! by Bonnie and Bill Neely

A young native Texas college studend I’ll call Sue was assigned her Freshman year roommate at an East Texas University who was arriving from England. Sue went to the Dallas airport in August to welcome the young British stranger we’ll call Donna. Donna arrived dressed in wool and de-planed into the 100 degree F. Texas sauna, gasping at the unexpected shock. Sue asked if she had packed plenty of summer clothes and learned the Brit’s bags only contained woolens, not needed until after Christmas in Texas, if at all. They quickly made a trip to Wal-Mart for shorts.

Donna stepped into the parking lot and was horrified at the size of the huge crickets and other bugs, dying in the heat on the typical Texas summer expanse of asphalt. “I’ve never seen bugs so big! OOOOOOOOH! Yuck!” she exclaimed.

The pair got settled into the dorm rather quickly and unpacked boxes and bags and then made a trip to the alley trash dumpster behind the dorm, where they encountered a dead o’possum beside the trash cans. Poor Donna screamed, “This is horrible! Even the rats in Texas are enormous!”