Dining In The Dark by Debra Amundson

Blindekuh,( translates to Blind Cow in English)
an unusual restaurant in Zurich Switzerland, is the first of a new and extremely successful dining trend. The restaurant and bar are staffed almost entirely by blind wait staff and all but one cook. The restaurant is not for the blind, far from it. It was opened as a way to give the sighted a look into the world of those with out sight. The original idea came from blind artists and a minister that worked with the blind.

When we arrived to dine we learned that hand held items are checked at the door. Orders are placed in the lobby from a 3-item menu, meat, fish or vegetarian. Yes, they also have dessert, and we discovered that chocolate tastes even better in the dark!

After your orders are taken, your waitperson vanishes, to return for you when your table and meal are ready. You are lead down a progressively darkened hallway and seated in the darkest room
you’ll never see. The table lay-out is explained and dinner is served. My fork made it to my mouth but was frequently empty on arrival. However, everything that made it to my mouth was delicious!

The “Dining in the Dark” theme has turned so many heads that copycats are springing up in Paris, Cologne, New York, London, Moscow, Montreal and Australia, for profit. Blindekuh is non-profit, as is the dark bar opened by another blind organization in Berlin.
Blindekuh opened one more restaurant themselves this year, in Basel,
Switzerland. The nay-sayers will be eating more than words, as business is good.
You may be not seeing the hottest trend in restaurants. The experience puts a new light on dining.

Children are welcome, reservations are a must.
Muhlebachstrasse 146, 8008 Zurich,$40 with wine.