Come, Experience Montana’s Wide Open Spaces

Montana Majesties: Montana is a vast and varied state of mountains, canyons, river valleys, forests and caverns. It’s the 4th largest state in the nation but with our popularion under 1 million, it’s actually the sixth least-populated state. Ah… there is room to breathe and nowhere is the air fresher. Oh sure, there’s history, good food, and a variety of places to stay, but the main attraction is the sheer beauty. It’s a land where everything seems intensified, in super sharp focus, richer in color, more majestic, more peaceful, and somehow closer to the sky. Happily for travelers who prefer to avoid crowds, there’s plenty of elbow room. Montana may be the fourth largest state in area (145,550 square miles), but, at under a million people, it ranks 48th in population density.
Virginia City : For those who prefer their towns to be haunted by ghosts of yesteryear, there are some primo ghost towns. In the mid-19th century, Bannack, fueled by gold found in Grasshopper Creek, was a rousing town of 3,000 residents and briefly was Montana’s first territorial capital.
Today ghostly, glamorously clad ladies are reported to have been seen walking the hallways of the Meade Hotel, while the cemetery contains the remains of vigilante victims who swung from the nearby gallows.
The jail as built during the summer of 1863 under the direction of the Sheriff, Henry Plummer. He had raised money by subscription for the construction. This has to be counted as the first public building in what is now Montana