Find the Best Salsa Teachers in Cuba by Andrew Wang

If you are planning a winter or summer vacation to Cuba, you have to take the opportunity to learn how to salsa dance while you are there. There are so many different qualified instructors you can rely on for proper coaching that you will be sure to love the salsa by the time your lessons are through. If you know anything about salsa, you know that in Cuba it is more of a lifestyle than anything else. They take salsa very seriously, and it is a large part of their culture. By learning and practicing a dance like salsa in a country where it is so appreciated and circulated you are taking the opportunity to learn from the best and learn the art of the dance, not just the steps.

The classes you will take while you are in Cuba are meant to teach you the basics such as technique, but salsa is a dance which tends to focus more on what is called movimiento, which means the movement of other parts of your body as well such as your hips. Salsa is a dance which is not just a sequence of steps ;it is a dance which involves a great deal of improvisation which spices it up. If you have never seen a couple dance the salsa before you will be literally amazed when you watch how the Cubans salsa, as it is many times different than how the salsa is danced in the USA or anywhere else throughout the world. For people who have not grown up with salsa this improvisation part of the dance can sometimes be the hardest part to learn and adapt to. The great thing about this is that you can actually book extra movimiento classes in addition to your salsa classes in order to get the best of both worlds and blend them together smoothly.
When you first arrive in Cuba, if you have never been there before, you can expect dozens of people working the streets and claiming they are professional salsa teachers. They will offer you classes for sometimes only $5 USD. It is important not to be taken in by these people because you may first find yourself in a dangerous situation ,and secondly, you will not be learning salsa by a professional dancer but a con-artist. One of the best places to book your salsa lessons is right through your resort or hotel. As salsa is something so avid in this country, almost all tourists want to learn this dance during their stay; therefore, almost every hotel has included it into their daily or weekly activity schedules.

In regards to the instructors that you will encounter through your hotel classes, you can be sure that they are professional. They have been thoroughly screened and tested for not only their salsa skills but also their ability to teach the Cuban salsa attitude and dance to those who are not Cuban. Those instructors who were great salsa dancers but bad teachers were let go and new instructors were found. It is very important that when you are in a country which practices a dance like the salsa on a regular basis that you learn how their culture does it, and this is what these instructors are meant to do. Although some of the instructors you will come across do not speak English, they do act out the actions for you, and learning from a non-English speaker is easier than you think.
The center of Havana during the afternoons is generally when these classes will take place. Each and every participant dances with a male or female Cuban partner. This is one of the non-communicative ways the salsa is taught, and it has been quite successful over the years. You take part in twp hours of very intense dancing with an experienced partner. This is an all year course which runs from Monday to Friday and you can begin whenever you arrive, once you have filled out your application through your hotel or resort.

The great thing about these classes is that they are usually taught in small groups of 3-6 people. This makes for great way to make new acquaintances as well as learning the salsa on a more one-on-one basis, which for many people is just what they need to learn the salsa properly and quickly. Whether you are a beginner or a professional dancer the Cubans are always happy to share their passion for the salsa and these classes allow an unlimited amount of practice to help you get on the right track and improve as your dance. Caruca Caridad Rodriguez is the most famous professional dancer and salsa teacher throughout Cuba. You can literally ask anyone on the streets about her, and they will tell you her life story and willingly help you register for her salsa classes.
If you visit Cuba, you will definitely want to consider learning how to salsa from the culture which loves salsa and appreciates it the most. The classes are very affordable for anyone travelling to Cuba, and because this activity is becoming so popular you can now even find it included in many of the all-inclusive resort packages which makes for more people taking in this piece of culture during their stay. Learning to salsa is a great experience to take advantage of during your vacation in Cuba. It is not only a piece of this unique culture but it is great exercise and a great way to meet new people as well. Enjoy your vacation and don’t just waste away on the beach when you could be learning this hot dance that is now becoming popular all over the world. When you return home you can share your new dance moves with your friends and family. Learning the salsa with the best teachers in Cuba allows you to bring a little of Cuba home with you.