Travel To Cure Your Allergy Miseries by Bonnie and Bill Neely

A trip to Denver, CO, can be more than just for entertainment; make it the trip that saves your health and enables outdoor fun, even in allergy seasons.

Soon the FDA is expected to approve a new therapy for preventing allergy symptoms. The method, called SLIT (Sub-Lingual Immune Therapy,) is in its third and final phase of testing and may soon be available for doctors to prescribe. However, these antigen drops, which are held under the tongue for a period of time, can have uncomfortable side effects and have only been proven about fifty percent effective. It has been the hope that SLIT could replace injection immunology, which is used only for extremely allergic patients and must be repeated monthly, always with possible deadly side effects of anaphylaxic shock, or even death.

But there is a far more effective method for preventing allergic symptoms, which was pioneered in Denver, Colorado, at the Allergy Clinic. This method is little known, is not pharmaceutical, has no negative side effects, is 100 percent safe, and is 95 percent effective in completely preventing allergy symptoms. The late Dr James Booren, successfully eliminated allergic reactions in his patients since the 1950’s. Patients only had to go to his clinic one time for skin testing. Then, for as long as necessary, the clinic mailed to the patient the natural oral drops, which are prepared specifically for each patient to take twice daily in juice. But why is this unique oral-immunology not used by doctors everywhere? The answer is lobbyists, politics and money!

Dr. James Booren, M.D., was a board certified Internal Medicine physician who moved from the Northeast to Denver because of his wife’s extreme allergies. As an Internist he knew well the recommended methods for traditional Western medicine (SKIT), which is immuno-therapy by injections of specific purified allergens of standardized potencies. He was also familiar with the risk of these injections.

Dr. Booren began investigating safer methods for his wife. Instead of injections, he administered periodic small doses of the antigens by mouth. This had been a far-Eastern and homeopathic method of treating allergies for decades but had not been clinically proven sufficiently effective by Western medical practitioners. In the 1950’s Dr. Leo Conway of Denver first experimented with homeopathic oral antigens to prevent allergic symptoms. However, these were not completely successful because antigens are proteins, and the enzymes in the human gastro-intestinal tract break down proteins into their component parts. The body digested the antigens before they could work effectively to prevent allergic symptoms.
Making careful observations, Dr. Booren, who was a meticulous scientist, tried various ways of administering these antigens orally to his wife. He knew the drops could be successful if he could find a way to keep the digestive tract from attacking them before they reached the bloodstream. Finally he developed a carrier, which would safely take the homeopathic, natural antigens through the gastro-intestinal tract without their being digested, so they could be effective in preventing allergic symptoms when they reached the bloodstream. After Dr. Booren patented his product he set about to make it widely available to help as many people as possible, but first he had to satisfy FDA testing requirements.

He conducted blind tests on thousands of allergic patients around the world, keeping careful notes and proving his methods by documented blind tests and strictest scientific methods. He spent millions of dollars of his own money, successfully accomplishing two of the three phases of FDA requirements. But his money ran out before Phase Three could be completed. He tried to interest pharmaceutical companies in conducting the third phase and making the simple treatment available everywhere.

Dr. Booren’s oral desensitization treatments, which are natural, safe, and 95 percent effective in preventing symptoms of sneezing, itching, rashes, hives, asthma, migraine headaches, stomach cramps, diarrhea, and other allergic symptoms, would make allergy medicines unnecessary. How many meds would simply go off the market because millions of allergy sufferers, who buy daily medications, would no longer need them? And there would be no side effects that needed even more costly treatment! Therefore, the pharmaceutical companies refused Dr. Booren’s offer.

In 1993 Dr. Booren asked a Denver pediatrician who specialized in allergies, Dr. Gary Niemann, to join his clinic and become the one to carry on the aging doctor’s work. Together they ran the Allergy Clinic for several years before Dr. Booren retired, and then in 2000 he passed away.
Dr. Niemann continues to run the Allergy Clinic, although he recently moved it to a Denver suburb, Centennial, Colorado. Dr. Niemann is eager to help as many allergy, asthma, and migraine sufferers as possible, and a patient does not need a referral to enter his clinic. Dr. Gary Niemann’s goal is to help as many patients as possible to live comfortably and enjoy their preferred lifestyle, free of allergic reactions.

Dr. Nieman performs subcutaneous testing. He uses more specific tests than the general skin testing done by other physicians and his method 98 % accurate. Patients with hayfever and asthmatic symptoms, who are tested at this Colorado clinic and follow the oral regime faithfully, usually show improvement in five days and often are free of allergic symptoms in 8 – 10 days. It is not necessary to return to the clinic, as Dr. Niemann consults by phone and ships the drops to his patients thereafter. He has observed that people who prove to be the most allergic in the skin testing get better more rapidly and often at lower doses of the oral antigens.
Beginning with just one drop of the antigen in juice twice a day and gradually increasing to five or more drops, the patient reports his or her results to the clinic by phone and is advised whether or not to increase the dosage. Most patients are symptom-free at 8 drops twice a day and remain at that dosage unless symptoms reappear. If that happens the drops are gradually increased until symptoms stop. Any break-through symptoms, perhaps when seasonal pollens are peak, usually require only a brief time at a higher level of drops, and then the patient can return to the lower dosage. The oral immunology is not a cure for allergies but a means of alleviating symptoms and retraining the body’s reactions to things it has no need to fight.

If you have health insurance you should ask you Primary Care physician to refer you. You only need to go to the AllergyClinic one time, so add extra days for sight-seeing in the area while you are there.