Cooking Class in the City of Light by Victoria L. Cooksey

While recently solo traveling in Paris, France I had the pleasure of participating in a French cooking class through Marguerite’s Elegant Home
Cooking. Attending a cooking class is a great way to take time out from being lonely, meet new friends, and learn new skills all at once. Just a few extra Euros covers the cost of a market visit before the class.
Muriel-Marguerite Foucher’s website,, lists a full year’s worth of available cooking class schedules.
Tel/Fax: 33.(0) Her cooking stations accommodate eight participants, and special group classes may also be arranged. On the day I attended the class the recipes included papillotes vertes de cabillaud au
gingembre, croustillants au sesame, and crème au Muscat (cod fish marinated in white wine, lime and ginger then cooked in cabbage leaves
and sesame cookies with pistachios and a Muscat wine cream with grapes dipped in caramel sauce as a garnish).
My group included two women friends traveling together, a family group of a mother, father, thirteen-year-old son and a sixteen-year-old daughter, a woman who was living in Paris for six months while her daughter studied the
French language, and myself. Our tour of the open air market at Neuilly lasted an hour and included information about the quality ratings classifications for produce, meats and cheeses, how to tell which
ingredients are the freshest, and even a few tasty samples of fruit and vegetables. Following the tour we traveled to Muriel-Marguerite’s
home to begin cooking, two people per station. Everyone received personal attention and easy to follow instructions, along with a printed copy of each
recipe. As a bonus, at the end no one had to worry about washing the dishes.

We enjoyed our delicious lunch (wine provided by Muriel-Marguerite) in Muriel-Marguerite’s dining room. One of her sons was home from school over his lunch break, so the younger participants of the class had
someone their age to relate to. We were also able to ask Muriel-Marguerite questions about French customs and even received some tasty recommendations for restaurants.
From start to finish the market tour, cooking, and dining lasted 5 and ½ hours which cost approximately 110 Euros. Muriel-Marguerite speaks both French and English fluently, so all the information given is easy to understand. I would recommend this class for travelers of any age as long as they can manage walking up one flight of steps to the kitchen.

Bon appetit!