Our Trip to St. Louis, Mo by Sarah Brewster

I am going to tell you about Troup 5483’s end of the year trip to St. Louis. We started at Bellevue public Library at 6:00 in the morning and left around 6:15-6:20 for St Louis, Mo. When we got there it was about 3:15 or a little later, but entering the city was just a site you wouldn’t ever be able to forget. It started as a regular highway and slowly turned into a magnificent city of old buildings and new buildings combined. The city was the most breathtaking thing in the world. So we went to take a tour of the mayor’s office first, and while that happened we learned a lot of the back ground of the city and its mayors.
When that was finished we went to travel “The Hill” and we had some free time that we used up because we got a tad-bit lost, ooops! After we found our way to Zia’s, the little Italian restaurant that turned out to be bigger than we expected, we ate the best tasting food in the world (to me)! The dessert was just mouthwatering! Since it was like an oven outside, we decided to go back to the hotel and check in and sleep.


The next day we were supposed to get the wake-up call at 7:00 AM, but my roommates and I didn’t get the call till 7:45…AH! yeah, that was killer! We hurried to the metro link at 8:00 to “catch” a train to down town St. Louis to get to the Archway at 8:45, which, by the way, has airport-style security. When we’re going “up” the archway, lets just say everyone knew that we’re in the little travel cars. Since it wasn’t as windy as some days the arch wasn’t shaky, so it was even more fun than it might have been.
When we were done with the “boxed picnic lunch on the riverfront” we went to the museum of Westwood expansion, had a tour of the old court house, and went to the riverfront area. Next we went on the metro link to Union Station. We got there just in time to see the Fudgery Show. Since that was right next to our eating spot, the Hard Rock Café, we walked right to it (no need of the metro link this time!). The biggest part of the whole trip is up next, people!


Well, at around 6:35 we went on the metro link to see the Baseball game at Busch stadium. The teams that were playing were the Los Angeles Dodgers vs. the St Louis Cardinals. The game had a sudden interruption of, what do you know… rain! We wanted to stay and watch the last half of the game, but we ended up leaving, as well as half of the others in the stadium.
The next morning was a driving trip to the St Louis Galleria till about 1:15. After that we went to the St. Louis Art Museum, the Mummy Room, to be exact. After we explored the wonderful world of art, we went to the zoo, where we had fun watching a kid in a bear suit. We all were getting hungry and about to eat the zoo animals, so we went to Steak ‘n Shake, where I got the yummiest American style food ever! About 8:15 we went to the Muny to see the play “Fiddler on the Roof.” Since it was long, we went to the hotel and CRASHED in our rooms.


On our last day we were on the road around 8:15 to the City Museum. We spent our last minutes in St Louis there, and it was just perfect. It was artsy and I loved it! After lunch it was time to depart. On the way back we had burgers again for dinner, since we all love that kind of cuisine. We found it’s always great to get home again.



©2009Kristen N. Rife

Here I was. Getting ready for another Girl Scout outing. But this wasn’t just another workshop or badge requirement. I had been waiting for this moment for a while. I’ve been talking and talking and talking about it and now its finally here!
As we always do, we gathered once again at the Bellevue Public Library to get ready for another trip. But this time, it wasn’t just another workshop. We were going to St. Louie! I couldn’t believe it. No Brownies, Dasies, Juniors, or any other younger Scouts. Just the big kids. First we took roll call to make sure everybody was there. Then we prayed for a safe trip out. After that we decided who was in which vehicle and took off. I was in the RV with three of my girlfriends, Charsia, Gabby, Jenny and me, Kristen. Just to get this straight, Mrs. Sylvester was the owner of the RV, not me. (Mrs. Sylvester is Gabby’s mom.)
The trip there was so much fun! We had a laptop, so we went to You tube and watched movies and listened to songs. Some of us slept because we had to get up 5:00- 5:30 and we were pretty tired. There were snacks galore too! Cheetoes, Fritos, Ruffles, ect. This was my first time in an RV, so I had a good first impression. My only concern was how small it was. It was a wee bit cramped, but I knew I could deal with it. It was complete with a stove, bedroom, small couch, eating table, and cabinets. It was a nice place.


One of the major stops we took while in St. Louie was seeing the Mayor of the city. We got a tour of the building and met a lady who works there. Then finally we got to a big room with red fluffy carpet. There was also a long wooden table with a number of chairs on either side. The chairs were tall and had red cushions for your back and bottom. They had a hard golden rim that made them look like they cost a fortune. We had a talk with the lady that worked there again because the mayor was busy. When we finally got to the hotel we drew names for who was with whom in a hotel room. Only three girls in a room was the rule. I was with Becca and Brianna. There were only two beds in a room so I had to share with Becca.


The hotel room was as big as a small-medium sized room. The beds were huge and took up most the space. The beds were extremely soft and fluffy. There were also two medium sized pictures of flowers above the beds. In front of the foot of the beds was a TV., so it was a pretty nice place.


Through the three days and two nights we spent there, we went everywhere it seemed. We went to the Galleria, Hard Rock café, art galleries, and other places. I would say my favorite place was a tie between the Galleria and the Hard rock café. The Galleria was lots of fun to shop in. But then again, the Hard Rock Café had excellent food. But I can’t forget the Arch. I know just about everybody who had visited St. Louis has gone to the Gateway Arch at least once. And everybody’s ridden in the small, crammed, trams you take to get to the top of the Arch and look down to see their car or relative at the bottom. So I just want to say that I had basically the same experience.


Every night after a long day of hiking we got back to the hotel about 9:00-9:30 and got to bed around 10:30. I remember I always went to sleep with the TV on. The cool thing about the TV was that it had a timer. So every night we set it to turn off automatically one or two hours later.
The way home was probably my favorite part because we got to go to this one museum. I forgot the name of the place, so just bear with me for a sec. At this place we got to climb, slide, jump, and dance, (just kidding.) We also ate there! I had the best pizza ever! Even though there was a ridiculously long line to wait in, it was worth it. After that, we saw Fiddler on the Roof. I thought it was a really good play. But I slept through the last half. Then we went to what I thought was the best restaurant EVER. Steak’n Shake. I had the best meal I think I’ll have in a long time. And I can’t forget the shakes there. They were the BOMB. So I totally recommend going there.


When we got back to the library parking lot, of course our parents, grand parents, and guardians, ect., were waiting for us to hug, kiss, and love on. When my dad picked me up, of course he asked the question all parents would ask when their kid is gone for a period of time. Just like when you get home from school and your mom or dad would ask, “How was school, Honey” and you would typically say “Good” or “Fine”. So if you guessed that he said, “How was your trip?”, you’re right. And if you guessed that I answered back ” Good” or “Fine,” then your double right.


So as you can see, I did have a good time and this is the end of my story. So if you are planning to go to St. Louie some time soon or if you would like to, I hope you have as good a time as I did.


One of the major stops we took while in St. Louie was seeing the Mayor of the city. We got a tour of the building and met a lady who works there. Then finally we got to a big room with red fluffy carpet. There was also a long wooden table with a number of chairs on either side. The chairs were tall and had red cushions for your back and bottom. They had a hard golden rim that made them look like a fortune. We had a talk with the lady that worked there again because the mayor was busy for some reason.



©2009Briana Mayfield-Williams

During my summer trip, between 8th and 9th grades, I went with my senior Girl Scout Troop to St. Louis, Missouri. While on this trip, I visited the St. Louis Arch, attended a Cardinals baseball game, shopped at the Galleria (a mall), played at the City Museum, toured the St. Louis Cathedral, ate at one of the Italian restaurants on The Hill, visited the St. Louis Zoo and saw the musical Fiddler on the Roof at the Muny.
My favorite place to visit had to be inside the Arch. This was my favorite because of the scenery and the spectacular view when you arrive at the top. I also really enjoyed the Galleria because I love to shop. At Union Station, I saw a fudgery show which was very interesting. While at the Cardinals’ game, there were a lot of interruptions because of rainy weather, but it still turned out to be fun. Of course, while we visited St. Louis, we had to eat and stopped at lots of fast food places. But, we also had the chance to eat at the Hard Rock Cafe which was just outside Union Station. We also ate at an Italian restaurant called Zia’s on The Hill which has many different Italian restaurants.



©2009 Becca Beezy

I went on a trip to St. Louis Missouri right before school started. We went to see the Mayor’s office, but we didn’t get to see the mayor because he was in a meeting. We did get a tour of all the offices. The next day we went to the Arch. Some of us went into the actual Arch. It was really fun you could see the new stadium and all that stuff. Later that night we went to a game on the new stadium. It got rained out ,but we still had lots of fun. The Cardnals won we later found out. Then we went to an art muesum where there was a mummy display. Then we went to a muesum that was like a huge playground where we could just climb around . The trip was lots of fun I would do it again.





©2009Jenny Reiter

On August 4, my Girl Scout troop and I went to St. Louis with the money we earned from selling cookies. We all met up at the Bellevue Public Library early in the morning, packed up the R.V. and two other cars and went on an eight-hour drive to St. Louis. The beginning of the trip we all slept. When we arrived in St. Louis, we first stopped at the Mayor’s office to get a tour. It was really cool to see the legislative chambers, architecture and detail in the building, and learn about the history of St. Louis. We even learned that St. Louis would be hosting the next baseball All-Star game and my mom and sister started thinking about how to get tickets to see it.


We went to dinner at a place called Zia’s on The Hill, which is the Italian section of St. Louis. It was wonderful, and I especially loved it because I’m part Italian. That doesn’t mean you have to be Italian to enjoy it!!! I ate so much, including dessert. When we finished, we drove across the bridge and over the Mississippi River into Illinois where we had hotel reservations not too far from where I used to live when my parents were stationed at Scott AFB.
Even though we got an early wake-up call the next morning, I got up with no hesitation. We went up to the Arch. It was the most spectacular thing I have ever seen, both the view from the top and the arch itself. We spent nearly all day there and went to the old Courthouse, too, which was across the street. The Courthouse is famous because it was the place where the Dred Scott decision was made.


The next day was my favorite. We went to the Galleria! We shopped all day and ate in the food court. It had Ben and Jerry’s, which is the best ice cream on the planet! The Galleria is also one of the best malls I have shopped besides Mall of the Americas. Then we went to Union Station. My favorite part of that was The Fudgery. They make fudge right in front of your eyes and provide a singing and dancing show. After that, I bought some chocolate caramel fudge.


For dinner, we ate at the Hard Rock Cafe, located right outside Union Station. They have some really good food and the atmosphere was really fun. I couldn’t stop laughing and got the hiccups! Then we took the Metrolink to the Cardinals game. That was even more fun! The Cardinals were amazing and they won! We didn’t get to stay the whole time though because it started raining, so we decided to head back. We all fell into our beds totally exhausted, but we decided it was probably the best day we had there.
Thursday was our last day in St. Louis. We packed up in the morning and headed out, but not before we made one last stop. We went to the City Museum. I know what you’re thinking: a museum can’t be fun. Wrong! It was a giant playground made out of recycled materials like metal wire, plastic bottles and things you normally wouldn’t think of. It was so cool! There were twists and turns everywhere and you could even go outside five or so stories up in the air and go through obstacles. Then the inside was a giant maze. There were so many places to go that I don’t think we got to explore it all! That was the end of our fabulous trip! We drove back to Bellevue, NE, but not before stopping at Steak N’ Shake to enjoy their fantastic chocolate shakes one more time. When I got home I still wished I were back in St. Louis. Our Girl Scout Troop leaders surely know how to plan one heck of a trip!