The Great Piggy Bank Adventure by Estela Chávez-Valdivia

When Spring comes, families often take school breaks as opportunities to travel together. Being together provides parents with an ideal time to talk to kids about subjects sometimes difficult to discuss, including financial literacy. Right in time for those family trips, the U.S. Government has even declared April to be National Financial Literacy Month, making having a conversation about finances even more timely for springtime vacations. Wouldn’t it be nice if parents had a tool to help guide some of those difficult conversations?
When it comes to teaching kids about finances, parents now have a FREE and FUN tool The Great Piggy Bank Adventure Presented by T. Rowe Price, a collaboration between investment firm T. Rowe Price and Walt Disney Imagineering and Walt Disney Parks and Resorts Online, consists of two interactive financial education and entertainment experiences that offer lessons on setting goals, the importance of savings, spending smartly, inflation, and diversification.

The Great Piggy Bank Adventure comes to life through a FREE online virtual board game at and also through a great travel experience for those going to Walt Disney World in Florida. Families can have hands-on, interactive experience at INNOVENTIONS at Epcot . The experience empowers families to have a conversation about finance as well as encourages parents to leverage teachable moments in their daily lives, like kids’ birthday money and grocery shopping.
In going through The Great Piggy Bank Adventure INNOVENTIONS experience, family members work together as they play a series of entertaining interactive games that bring the finance and investing lessons to life. A goal is set and then the family is guided by a talking piggy bank that offers guidance and education to reinforce the lessons and help them reach their goal.

If a trip to Epcot is not in your budget or travel plans this year, do NOT MISS the fun for your kids. Anyone can visit to learn about key financial lessons while also having fun. Parents can also visit a separate T. Rowe Price Family Center website where you will find feature stories from parents about how they are taking the financial lessons they learned at an early age and are passing them on to their children. Bookmark the site for your kids to use on computers and cell phones if you have Internet connection. It’s a wonderful passtime while traveling so that you can talk to your children about financial matters and they can learn life lessons while having fun. And be sure to tell your children’s classroom teachers about this wonderful teaching tool, FREE on the Internet. This is a great gift provided during the times when we all need the lessons to help our economy recover. Adults will learn a lot too, so play the game with your children for a fun, interactive, meaningful experience.