Cappadocia & Hot Air Ballooning

The region of Cappadocia is currently a popular destination for many people who visit Turkey. There are many reasons for people’s interest in Cappadocia, such as: history, nature, lunar-like landscape. Cappadocia is considered as one of the oldest historical regions of the world and hosts many civilizations, especially as a shelter for early time Christians and Christianity. In reality the history goes way back.

Around a million years ago, the volcanoes , Mt. Erciyes and Mt. Hasan, around the Cappadocia region, erupted, and the lava and ashes of the volcanoes are the reasons for the astonishing, magnificent lunar like landscape and rock formations called “Fairy Chimneys”.

From the beginning of the written history, Cappadocia was ruled by Hittites, Alexander the Great, Romans and Persians. However the significant and remarkable structures were left during the early Christianity period. The landscape of Cappadocia inspired the early Christians, and they built many chapels, churches and monasteries full of ancient painted frescoes. These structures are being visited by many visitors every year.
The traditional, luxury and unique cave hotels carved into rocks will give you a feeling of a caveman’s life.
The extraordinary landscape and valleys are very good opportunity for those who like walking and trekking, or you can explore these unique lands on a horseback ride.
Another way to explore Cappadocia is flying with a balloon. While you are soaring between the rock formations and in the deep valleys, you will close your eyes and listen to the sound of silence. You will fly very close by the rocks or pick some apricots from the tops of the trees.

Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia is getting more popular every year due to perfect weather conditions and amazing scenery. Royal Balloon is serving a luxury, royal class balloon flight over the spectacular and breathtaking lunarscape of Cappadocia.
Experienced, worldwide known Turkish and Australian pilots will be delighted to see you on board and take you for an unforgettable journey.

Cappadocia is almost in the middle of Turkey, 4 hours drive to Ankara, the capital, and just 1 hour 15 min. by flight from Istanbul.