The Beauty of Wyoming by Olga Straatsma

If you want to be close to the wild nature, to feel the wind of Freedom in the morning, to ride a beautiful horse on the prairie, to try to find peace in your soul, then, Wyoming is a place for you.
Here you can find a lot of adventures whether you like to canoe, to climb, to fish or to hunt. Wyoming is one of the most beautiful States in the US. It’s a place of history, real cowboys, country living and very friendly people.
Here, there are a lot of well-known places, like “Jackson Hole,” “The Grand Tetons,” and “Yellowstone National Park,” but there are even more, maybe not so famous, but also beautiful places to explore.

One of these is “The Hole-in-the Wall.” If you have seen the movie “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” (with Paul Newman and Robert Redford), you probably heard about this place, and yes, it is real, approximately 40 miles SouthWest of Kaycee, WY. It’s a colorful and scenic red sandstone escarpment that is rich in legend of outlaw activity in the late 1800s. The “hole” is a gap in the Red Wall that, legend has it, was used secretly by outlaws to move horses and cattle from the area. If you go there, you’ll need to see “The Outlaw Canyon” at “The Hole- in-the Wall”, where middle Fork of the Powder River is. Local people love to fish there. There is a campground at the Canyon, but the road is not suitable for the big campers.
Also, I was amazed there by the prehistoric rockshelter. Rock art is a fragile and unique testament to the artistry of our prehistoric forebearers. If you look closely at the ceiling and walls of this rockshelter, you will see faint, painted images. These pictographs were once clearly visible, but because of careless campfires these priceless elements of this heritage are vanishing, being obscured by soot.
Another beautiful place that is very close to “The Hole-in-the Wall” is The Meadowlark Lake. This is a mountain lake, where you can find a very nice restaurant, western style cabins, a campground with fantastic view on the lake and amazing fishing. It is beautiful during all seasons, but I love it especially in the fall.
I love The Grand Tetons because these mountains remind me Switzerland. I am amazed by the lake over there. It’s always beautiful. It seems to me, that time stops and you can sit there and admire this amazing beauty forever.