KOA Kampgrounds Offer Dependable Respite by Bonnie and Bill Neely

We RVers always know we can find a warm welcome and always clean, well maintained sites at KOA Kampgrounds across the United States. It is great when we can find one near where we need to stop, and these Kampgrounds are located very near many cities and towns in most states, making it so easy to leave our rig safe while we go into the crowded traffic parts of town or city in just our car. Pets are always welcome at KOA Kampsites and the amenities and clean play area offered for these furry travelers are a fun place for pets to run after a long ride as well as play with others. Your children will have fun too at the well equipped, safely planned playgrounds. We are always glad to find KOA’s and the ones below were our finds on a recent trip. These are all located in places which have few other good camping places anywhere near.
KOA in Van Horn, Texa, is a wonderful stopping place in the long stretch between Midland and El Paso, Texas. Be sure to break your trip and enjoy this location in a KOA which has won the Presiden’t award for several years. In this small town it is hot in summer and snowy in winter, but the full hookups keep you comfortable and safe. You can see (or walk to!) Three Mile mountain and Five Mile mountain with the “V” for Van Horn! This is the perfect place in the West Texas where weary travelers can get a much needed rest. We are always grateful and relieved at this stop-over, well-located because it is NEEDED, not because of the tourist attractions nearby.
At Meridian, Mississippi, we gratefully found the beautiful East Toonsuba KOA, on another mid-South stretch of Hwy 20 which has few campgrounds. This was a perfectly lovely Kampground with trees, flowers, and, of course, KOA’s dependably pristine sites, level and with full hookups. On our drives from South Carolina to Texas we always enjoy this excellent stop, about halfway.
KOA Anderson, SC, is a delightful place in the Northwest of the state. The beautiful trees and flowers welcome you much of the year. And the staff are so friendly and helpful. The park is just off the busy Interstate 85, a few miles from Hartwell Lake. Here you are surrounded by the peace and tranquility of South Carolina pines and a nearby river. Such a difference from the highway you just left! It is an easy drive to the Loop around Anderson where lots of shopping is located. You will enjoy your convenient and quiet stay here.