Your Handwriting Reveals A Lot! by Bonnie and Bill Neely

We had the pleasure of meeting Lena Rivkin when we were at the Oaks at Ojai Spa. She is a frequent guest speaker who is the favorite evening entertainment for regulars at this health resort in Ojai, California. We learned so much from talking with her and wished we did not have to check out before her program. Lena, a Los Angeles artist, has a Master of Fine Arts from the University of California, Irvine, and is on the art faculty at Mount St. Mary’s College.
Her sculptures and paintings are displayed widely. However, she has been fascinated by the art of handwriting since she was a young girl and has made it her life purpose to study it from every known souce available to her. Graphology is a most interesting field.
Since she did not know us at all, Bill and I thought it would be fun to have her tell us something about ourselves from just studying our hand-writing. We were amazed at her analysis, and she described our personality traits very accurately. She is quite talented in her field, and we were convinced by her accurate psychological analysis of both of us. She is called on from people all over the world, via the Internet who see her website at http://www.about or contact her by email at or call her at 818.985.2626 . I asked how she could interpret letters in other languages.
“The words do not matter,” she said. “It is the angle of the lines and the slant of the strokes and the way the letters are made that gives me the clues.”

There are many ways she is employed to help people. She can look at a sample of your writing and help you find your hidden aptitudes and natural abilities. She has insight into your intellect and self-image, your fears and unconscious drives, even your sexual drive. She can look at the way you form your letters and know if you have dangerous or good mental health, social behavior, and integrity. Wow! That’s a bit scary, but can be so helpful!
She is often hired to help employers determine whether or not to hire someone for a specific job…the handwriting tells her if they are well suited for that job, whether or not they are good team players or better as leaders. She knows if a person is honest, depressed, or ill from the wrting sample, and this could be a temporary problem or a continued trait. For individuals Lena can help them determine partner compatibility, choose the right career in which they will be happy since it fits their personal traits. Lena helps companies to understand client needs and obtain optimum performance from their existing staff.

Lena provides excellent programs for many kinds of groups, from family reunions to corporate retreats, fundraising events, and social functions. She is also available for private consultations. She is a delightful and articulate person, who will not insult you, whatever she finds, but she could give you insight to your deepest self…Graphology is amazing!