No Fear of Sharks! by Lori Campbell

During our stay at Vacation Villa & Fantasy Resort, we had the opportunity to go indoor surfing. Fantasy Resort itself had a fabulous, on-site water park which we so enjoyed as a family and it was included in the price of our stay.
This resort definitely fits all your needs for your family in a wonderful way and saves a lot of money for any visit to the many famous Orlando attractions, which are just a short drive away

. Fantasy Surf is a new attraction for them. A thirty minute session normally runs $25.00. As a guest of the resort, your ticket will be $10.00 for thirty minutes. As of now, no appointment is necessary and a small amount of paperwork is required.
Never having done anything like this before, I decided to give it a shot. As we arrived, two young men were surfing. Apparently they had lots of practice and made it look easy. An instructor is available to assist you. Believe me, if you haven’t done this before, you will need him. You have the choice of laying on a larger board of standing on a smaller one. The larger board is similar to a knee board used for water skiing.
My seven year old daughter went first. I know what you are thinking. What kind of mother does this? At almost eight and a little fish in the water, I thought she would do fine. He explains to her what to do then releases her into the rushing water. She immediately goes up the wave and slams into the padded wall. She runs down the stairs in tears and that was it for her. Now It’s my turn. I had to be brave since I had already sent my daughter out first. He instructs me to lie on my stomach, prop yourself on your elbows and lean whichever way you want to go. Keep your feet in the water or else you will fall off . Then he pushes me into the water. It is similar to riding a tube behind a boat. It really was fun and not terribly difficult. On the sides the water is slower so you come to a stop. If you fall off in the middle of the wave you will go to the top which is a padded drain.

After one attempt of the larger board, I thought I would give the standing board a try. First of all, do not put your feet in the water. I found this out the hard way as it sweeps you to the top of the wave. As I come back down, he tells me not to put my feet in the water. I had figured that out on my own. He will hold the board as you slowly stand on it. Feet facing forward, lean your weight on your back leg and bend your knees. Ok I must say, this was a little difficult without the water. As he pushes me into the rushing water I was surfing for the first time in my life. That lasted about five seconds and I forgot to lean on my back leg. I fall and with such grace that I fall into the center splits that I haven’t done in about twenty five years.
My husband is watching and is sure I had broken both my legs. He was surprised when I stood up. Two men were waiting for their turn and left after this. I felt bad that my lack of athletic ability caused the Fantasy Surf to loose business. I did attempt it again, but only on the larger board I could lay on. I thought for my family’s sake that I wanted to be able to enjoy the rest of our vacation without an imagined accident. After several more times I felt like I had had enough thrills for that day. My thirty minutes were almost up anyway. After all was said and done, it was a lot of fun. If you’re a seven year old little girl or an out of shape mother of two, you might want to take it a little slower. I could walk just fine afterwards and this experience had enabled me to try surfing without the fear of sharks!