Glass Blowing In Grapevine, Texas by Bonnie and Bill Neely

If you are near the DFW Airport you MUST take a couple of hours to visit Vetro Art Glass Studio in Grapevine at 701 South Main St (817 251 1668). This is an intriguing experience. You can sit in the gallery anytime and watch the amazing glass blowers at work producing many varied shapes and colors of beautiful blown glass. The owner and principle artist is David Gappa, who is gentle natured and so welcoming to all his guest and customers.
David studied architecture in art school until he discovered glass blowing and it became his passion and focus. Spencer studied for a while the Chihuly glass studio in Washington. I noticed they wear sunglasses while working and I wished for mine because the “glory hole” where you heat your glob of glass is over 2,000 degrees and dangerous for naked eyes to look into. After a glass art piece is finished it goes into the annealer for cooling slowly. You can collect your piece in a couple of days, or they will ship it to you.
If you want to make an article yourself, you must make a reservation in advance. Just before holidays they have special glass blowing events for guests to make gifts for their love ones. Last year they made glass flowers for Mother’s Day and beer steins for Father’s Day. And of course, Christmas ornaments are always a favorite. David and his assistant, Spencer Crouch, will help you. It is so much fun and you will be so proud of the items you make for years to come.
We loved purchasing glass gifts and jewelry also in Vetro shop where we found something beautiful for nearly everyone.
Vetro is across the street from Grapevine Visitor Center and Galleries, where you will enjoy more wonderful art works and displays, which change frequently. We found the Smithsonian Exhibit showing how US mail has gotten to war zone troops throughout history. The second gallery had exquisite porcelain eggs when we were there. The friendly staff will help you plan your activities in this terrific town. At noon and 6 p.m. cross the street to watch the cowboy shootout in the glockenspiel in the Visitor Center Tower as the clock strikes.
This is one of only a few glockenspiels in the United States and the only one that has a scripted story played over a loud speaker, fun for a real Texas tale about the train nearby. You will love the Grapevine Vintage Railroad which offers themed train rides for a couple of hours or more. The real Thomas engine was arriving at the depot when we were there, and children were so excited. At Christmas you can ride with Santa. On most days you can ride to Fort Worth Stockyard and back.