Cozumel, Mexico: “Just Be” by Terry Zinn

A stay in the resort area of Cancun, Mexico is always a treat, but to get further away from the world, a 30 minute boat ride over to the Island of Cozumel is mandatory. Outside of the docking terminal hubbub, things are a bit more tropical and relaxed. There are still upscale hotel accommodations, gourmet meals and azure clear water, but the Island mentality can also happily wash over you.

I stayed at the Hotel B, where written in the zero infinity pool were the words, “Just Be.” It is a fitting philosophy for any vacation. This does not mean that you should just vegetate at your hotel pool or ocean side beach, but to let Cozumel’s attractions infuse your stay. I found the —- a pleasant semi open air motel-like hotel with a staff trying their best to accommodate its guests. Hotel B is a mini resort or boutique, in that the real estate area is small but packed with areas for sunning, dining, swimming in their pool or in a small and exotic ocean side lagoon.
There’s plenty of history on Cozumel of the early Mayan culture, the influx of Spanish conquers and even tales of Pirates who used the island as their retreat. In your visit to the Mayan archeological site of San Gervasio, you are stepping back into history by visiting the remaining ruins of a civilization. The stone structures are not as complete or as inspiring as better known Mayan sites, but still you can come away with an appreciation of the past civilizations of Cozumel. Some of the temples may have held worship for the goddess Ixchel, whose name is a combination of the Mayan words, female and white faced. You will need to drive there or take a guided tour – both recommended.
With a car you can circle the island and stop at your own scenic attractions, such as the eco beach park of Punta Sur, with natural mangroves, the Colombia lagoon, the Celarain Lighthouse and its museum. The famous Mayan ruin El Caracol is said to be an ancient lighthouse, too. Or a privately owned beach bar/café, and a beer in a hammock may fit your mood perfectly. The crashing surf and artistically gathered drift wood accentuates Cozumel’s off the beat track nature.
For a more commercial venue, the Chankanaab Adventure Beach Park, offers, food and beverage service from your acquired beach chair beneath a thatch shade, while observing holiday families with an ocean backdrop. Or for more the active visitor, you may rent scuba or snorkeling gear, take a Mayan steam bath, called a temazcal session. And if time permits you might swim with dolphins or pick up traditional Mayan and Mexican souvenirs or relax in one of the three restaurants. Deep sea sport fishing is also available in Cozumel.
For an island away from the island, a real treat is an excursion to the private, Passion Island, with its acres of white sand beach and symmetrical placed palm trees. It’s 25 minutes by boat from downtown, or as I was, picked up at your Hotel ocean side, for a day of all inclusive and simple luxury. Passion Island is the perfect place to find your place in the sun or shade or private romantic spot, with food and unlimited beverage service.
For additional dining options I can recommend the Kondessa Cozumel Restaurant, the historic Hacienda Mission Restaurant, and the Occidental Grand Cozumel grill, at the upscale and expansive Occidental Grand Resort. With the all many activities Cozumel has to offer, you might forget to “JUST BE.”

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