Excellence Resorts: What’s in a Name

By Emma Krasov. Photography by Yuri Krasov

The day will come when you’ll pack your bags and go on vacation again! Maybe not too soon, but this day will definitely come! So far, with so many countries around the world fighting the evil virus, and so many people resorted to social distancing, you can still dream and plan for the future.

Going on vacation to the high-end resorts, Excellence Punta Cana and Excellence El Carmen in the Dominican Republic would be the best way to indulge in everything this “summer-year-round” destination has to offer. The magical place is sunny, filled with pleasant surprises and breathtaking views anywhere you look, and promises a vacation that’s just excellent!

Perhaps the best part of staying at Excellence Resorts is that even though the tropical paradise is remote, naturally wondrous, and wonderfully carefree it feels like home. On arrival, the staff will greet you, “Welcome home!” and soon you’ll realize that it’s no exaggeration.

All-inclusive, adults-only hospitality marvels take care of everything, from pristine guest rooms with mini-bars, top shelf liquor selections and bubble baths or private swimming pools to international cuisine restaurants, swanky bars, nightly shows, and invigorating spa treatments.

Besides the endless sandy beaches, lined with palm trees and dotted with beach beds and cabanas under the thatched roofs, there are large blue pools for all everywhere throughout the campus, with sparkling waterfalls and little islands of lush greenery, or a swim-up bar where you can sit on an underwater bar stool and watch your friendly bartender mix a perfect mai tai or cut open a fresh coconut so you could indulge in thirst-quenching cool coconut water.

All kinds of summer activities are offered daily—bike tours and tennis, stretching exercises, yoga, and beach volleyball, water aerobics and dance lessons as well as bingo and poker.

Quite a few beach bars are busy from early morning till the fiery sunset hour, grilling meats, seafood, sausages, veggies, and stocking their glass vitrines with mouth-watering sweets and pastries. Sport Bar, Martini Bar, Art Deco Piano Bar and others abound—choose to your taste! Aroma Bar is dedicated to coffee, ice cream and dessert indulgencies from 7 a.m. till 11 p.m.

All imaginable restaurants are open for dinner to satisfy your cravings for various cuisines—French at Chez Isabelle, Italian at Oregano, Mexican at Agave, Indian at Basmati, and seafood at The Lobster House (local spiny lobster is on the menu). At the Spice, Asian cuisine is presented in all its variety, with a special private room where highly performing chefs operate with hot surfaces and sharp knives at the traditional Japanese grill providing as much entertainment as deliciously prepared right in front of your eyes medley of chicken, steak, shrimp, veggies and eggs over fried rice.

Magna Restaurant and Bar is reserved exclusively for Excellence Club members. The upscale, beautifully appointed space offers romantic ambiance, highly skilled service, and food and drinks that are outstanding in taste and presentation. Other club benefits include private check-in/check-out area with sparkling wine on arrival; a private concierge; a preferred room service menu with exclusive dining offerings; upgraded in-room premium liquor; designer Bulgari toiletries, private beach and pool areas, and an Aqua Wellness treatment at the Miilé Spa.

The true oasis of wellness and relaxation, Miilé Spa is known for its hydrotherapy sessions as well as for skillful massages that vary from holistic and soothing combinations of shiatsu, reflexology, and botanical oils- to couples’ Swedish massage, foot massage and facials. Flowering tropical gardens are yours to relax with a cup of hot tea or icy fruit-flavored water after your spa treatments.

Some other areas of the vast resort campus are reserved for the local wildlife. Pink flamingoes, herons, white-cheeked ducks with their tiny ducklings, and feisty geese, determined to guard their territory, populate a large pond, while large exotic parrots reside in their own tree house in the nearby grove.

After a day of beach and pool lounging or non-stop activities and festive happenings, followed by a lavish dinner, head to the Theater, where you’ll be thoroughly entertained by the excellent ensembles of professional singers, dancers, and circus acrobats on a large stage. The nightly performances include Madonna Show, Michael Jackson Show, Pop Show, Brazilian Carnival Show, and many others. And if that’s not enough to fill out your day, Karaoke at the Plaza starts after 10 p.m., and music and dancing at Alegria Bar goes on till 2 a.m. Interestingly, no noises ever reach the refreshed tidied up guestrooms, cool and quiet for a good night sleep.

Excellence Resorts are adults-only properties; Beloved Hotels are intended for couples, and Finest Resorts are open for all ages—perfect for family reunions and multi-generational vacations.

More information at: https://www.excellenceresorts.com/