DUCKLINGS IN THE BIG APPLE by Frank and Mickey Meredith

Our Readers Write:

Here is an interesting experience with ducklings and their doting mother on the busy streets of New York City. The story is a Make Way for Ducklings redux which echoes Robert McCloskey’s charming Boston tale. We hope you will enjoy our chance meeting with these fuzzy little fowls on New York’s Upper East Side.

From Frank and Mickey Meredith.

Recently we were visiting New York City on the same weekend as the Israel Day Parade on 5th Avenue, which closed the avenue from 10th Street to 83rd. It was a lovely day for a parade. We left our hotel at 83rd and walked down 5th Avenue watching the parade and making our way to 70th Street and the wonderful Frick Collection. We arrived just before their Sunday opening time of 1:00 PM. As we were standing in line watching the crowd and the many police officers watching the parade, we were suddenly presented with a most amazing sight.

Out of the gate to the Frick garden came a mother duck and her ten ducklings, heading directly toward those of us in the museum line. The mother moved in a determined way toward 5th Avenue and Central Park. The ducklings seemed to be more inquisitive. The gentleman behind us had four ducklings on his shoes, and two that seemed to want to investigate under his pant leg cuffs.

Everyone gasped, smiled, and looked toward the somewhat jaded police officers. The crowd was solidly behind the ducklings and their journey. The next thing we knew, New York’s finest did indeed have a fine hour. they proceeded to stop the parade on 5th Avenure–which was no easy task–and escorted the mother and her brood across the street to the entrance of the park.

We did not investigate further as to the ducklings’ and their mother’s well being, but when the five officers returned there was quite an ovation. Boston may have their children’s classic–Make Way for Ducklings–but New York made way for its own ducklings as they paraded into Central Park