Huffin’and Puffin’

I flew to Seattle from Birmnngham for a conference. First of all, I want to know why, when you’re changing flights, the gate that you need to get to is at the opposite end of where you are. I had to change flights at Denver’s huge airport.

When we landed, we had to sit on the runway for about fifteen minutes because the plane that was at our gate had a small fire. Finally, when we arrived at the gate, we couldn’t get off immediately because, for some reason, the arm that extends toward the plane so that passengers can get off didn’t want to extend. Another ten minutes of having to wait. In the meantime, the time is getting closer for my next flight to leave. I was becoming more nervous as time went by. Finally, the arm decides to cooperate and the flight attendant asks that anyone who does not have connecting flights to please stay seated and let the passengers who have connecting flights exit first. (Thank you!)

Now I must say that I am considerably overweight and the challenge to get from one end of the airport to the other was very strenuous for me. I look at the signs for my gate and, of course, it’s at the opposite end. With ten minutes to go, I took off walking as fast as I could. But when I saw this elderly couple pass me running, each with a carry-on in hand, I realized that I wasn’t going fast at all. Determined to not be out done, (too late) I try picking up speed. The faster I tried to walk, the more my calves tightened up on me and slowed me down to almost a snail’s pace, I was upset ,but I had to keep going. My flight was about to leave.

I finally reached the gate and saw that the waiting area was empty. There was a man standing there who collected the boarding passes. I walked up to him and gave him my pass and asked, “Has the plane left yet?”, as I looked down the corridor. When I looked back at him, he was watching me strangely. He said, “No, it hasn’t left yet. Just calm down. Take it easy”, he said with his has extended. Then he said, “You just blowing”. I looked at him then and realized, I sounded like I needed oxygen. I tried slowing my breathing and he handed me my pass, still watching me strangely. Later I thought about how I must have looked. He probably thought he would need to call 911.

I’m sorry I don’t have a picture of this. It probably would’ve been scary to look at anyway. I will end this story with a very valuable tip. If you’re overweight, and you are trying to rush through a huge airport to catch your flight, and you see an older couple running past you with luggage in their hands, it’s time to sit back and reflect on your life.