Husband Necessary? by Pam Goldberg

After returning to Sydney from a business class – round-the-world trip – on my frequent flyer points – I had collected far too much luggage and needed help at the luggage roundabout. I had come in on a domestic flight from Perth. I asked if any gentleman could help me and a woman said “Why don’t you ask your lazy husband to help you?” As I had travelled on my own – I was completely perplexed.

She was pointing at a poor guy – half asleep – with his arms folded. I said to him “Are you my husband?” “No” he replied. “Would you like to be?” I asked.

The woman continued snarlingly – “How can you have that much luggage when you’ve only come in from Perth?” I tried to explain that in actual fact I’d been round the world but had arrived in Sydney on a domestic flight.

“Some story” she said. “If you can afford to travel first class” (looking at my pink luggage tags) “you can afford to pay someone if your lazy husband won’t help”.

By this time I had a captured audience – all laughing their heads off. Two girls said, “Come on everyone – let’s help her.”

The woman was ready to hit me! I put my arms around her husband who was getting their luggage and said to her – “You’ve got a good one here. Why don’t you take him home and make him feel really special???”

With that I pushed my trolley away to hear her calling me an “f’ng bitch”. Hey ho! It was good to be home!

True story!