Simple Oral Therapy In Denver Prevents Allergic Symptoms For Life! by Bonnie and Bill Neely

The reason I wanted to write this article is because these drops were a miracle in the lives of our family members. My husband, who was a farmer, would come in with his eyes swollen shut when baling hay. He could not be outside in fall and spring without getting very sick, yet his job required it. One of our children had 102 degree fever and terrible sinus infections and missed over 100 days of school in a two year period. Another of our children was periodically incapacitated by blinding migraine headaches. A friend whose life had been changed by Dr. Booren’s treatments suggested we go to The Allergy Clinic.


We borrowed the money to pay for the trip to Denver and the testing because our family was almost incapacitated by allergies. Although we had no insurance, we found that within the first six months of treatment our illnesses, doctor’s visits, and medicines had been so reduced that it more than paid the cost of the entire trip and tests. And best of all, our family was well and could enjoy spring and autumn outside for the first time in our lives. Symptoms became very infrequent, and school attendance was nearly perfect. We didn’t need allergy medicines, headache medicines, and the many antibiotics we had found necessary before. My husband could work comfortably on the farm and even play golf; we could leave windows open and enjoy picnics for the first time. Our family life took a new and wonderful turn! We have recommended the Allergy Clinic to many of our allergic friends, and they have had the same excellent results to report.


Dr. Gary Nieman, whose clinic is near Denver, CO, is making hundreds of patients with severe allergies comfortable again by eliminating their allergic symptoms through simple daily oral drops, and you only have to make one trip to the clinic for diagnosis and to start curing your allergy miseries.


Allergic reactions are started by the immune system, which attacks a foreign body it does not recognize. The human immune system, which perceives an allergen as a dangerous foreign body, makes matching keys, or “histamines,” to fight pollens and other allergens, similar to the process by which antibodies fight bacteria in the blood stream. When pollen comes into the body through nose, mouth, and eyes, the immune system says, “ I remember you,” and antibodies meet it and form a complex which goes into the blood, destroying mast cells, and causing allergy symptoms of hives, sneezing, itching, cramps, migraines, etc.


Oral therapy, which was pioneered at the Allergy Clinic near Denver, Colorado, is especially effective in helping children because it stops what physicians call the allergic march, which gets progressively worse in patients each time persons intake something to which they are allergic. An allergy untreated often goes into exema, ear infections, pollen sensitivity, and asthma. Asthma can progress into a life-debilitating and life-threatening lung condition, or even sudden shut down of air passages caused by severe swelling of respiratory systems. This allergic march is prevented by early treatment in children, and no method is safer than the oral-immunology because when taken as directed, there is no dangerous reaction or side effect.
Long-time asthma patients can reverse the process of their symptoms, although, if the asthma has progressed sufficiently ,some permanent damage to the body may not be undone by the therapy… all the more reason for asthma sufferers to start oral treatments early. Although it is possible to have non-allergic asthma, and some asthma is hormone or exercise induced, Dr. Nieman concludes that 95% of asthma is allergy-related and can be prevented.




Many physicians test for food allergies using general categories of foods and administer injections to try to make the allergy temporarily be less severe, or simply advise the patient to avoid all contact with the foods. But many patients have had great success with the oral immunology drops formulated specifically for each individual according to his or her specific allergies. Dr. Nieman tests the patient subcutaneously for specific foods and spices. The patient must avoid all the foods he or she is allergic to for several weeks while beginning to take the oral drops which de-sensitize him or her. Then the foods are re-introduced to the person in small amounts of one at a time for a few days to determine if desensitization is complete. If there is no reaction, another food can be reintroduced after two weeks. Most patients discover that within a year of the therapy they can eat the former culprit foods with no reaction. How amazing to be migraine free, free of hives, free of fear. If you have severe allergies, do not delay in calling the clinic for your testing. It will be the best gift you ever gave yourself, and you can incorporate the visit to the Allergy Clinic with a marvelous vacation in the Denver area.