Around The World Through The Camera of Tiago by Tiago

Karen refugee camp in the Thailand-Burma border.
The Karen tribe is famous for women’s ornaments (they are commonly known as giraffe-women). Despite conscience issues affecting me during this visit, I was stunned by the elegance and beauty of the women.

Oslo, Norway

The capital and largest city, Oslo is Norway’s cultural, scientific, economical and governmental centre. Famous for being the “home” of the Nobel prize ceremony, this beautiful, modern, prosperous (and expensive) city has a multicultural population mostly because of a 25% share of immigrants.

Sossusvlei, Namibia

Circumscribed by the massive dunes of the Namib desert, Deadvlei (dead marsh, or dead lake) stands out against the orange sands coloured by the iron oxide (rust). The acacias died seven to nine centuries ago and they are still standing. Like an old picture of life, faded by the elements over time, this is a photographer’s paradise. One of the most beautiful places I’ve ever been to.

Etosha, Namibia

If you ever visit Namibia be sure to visit Etosha National Park. It is one of the world’s finest game parks and you can visit by yourself (as long as you stay in your car) and drive around the beautiful landscape and wildlife. To improve the viewing prospect, fifty waterholes have been constructed and in one of them I found this large group of giraffes satisfying its water needs.

Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona is mostly known for its avant-garde spirit, however, traditional culture is strongly present in the proudest representative of Catalonia. This is why the city can offer tourists cultural phenomenon like the “castellers”. Since the 18th century, rival teams compete to build the highest human tower.

Torreira, Portugal

These typical boats are called “Moliceiros” and they were used to collect algae from “Ria de Aveiro”. Although that activity has almost disappeared, the colourful, hand painted boats have now a decorative function and are also used by tourists. You can also find these boats in the city of Aveiro.