Roswell, New Mexico, For UFO Excitement by Bonnie and Bill Neely

The now famous UFO crash site of 1947 has become the International Research Center and UFO Museum. Go for the fun of it! The museum, located in an old movie theater on Main Street, is open daily from 9 – 5 and attacts visitors from all over the world. Admission is free, and you are encouraged to take photos and use your video camera.
You’ll find some very simplistic displays, movie sets, photographs, and drawings of every kind of unnatural or inexplicable occurrence you have ever heard of, from aliens to crop circles.
There is a world map which lights to show where sitings of spacecraft, sitings of aliens, and pieces of UFO’s have been seen or found. There are hundreds from every continent except Africa.

One of the most frightening displays is a manikin doctor staging an operation on an alien figure, but it is from a movie set. One of the most convincing displays is of the quotes about alien space craft sitings from U.S. Presidents, and Army officials, and Astronauts.

Be sure to read the first-hand accounts of the local Roswell citizens who were actually involved in the finding of the 1947 crashed UFO. The most convincing story is from a nurse who told about personally tending the alien beings involved in the crash. Ironically, she was immediately re-located abroad and died mysteriously within two years. The undertaker’s report is the most convincing of all. There are newspaper accounts of the news report the day after the crash was found, and the following week the Army debunks the report and says the “craft” was a weather balloon.
Although the little museum is obviously not highly funded, there are fascinating stories and reports from all over the world. If you are a UFO enthusiast, plan to spend hours reading them all. You can also do computer research or file your own report of sitings there in the library.

If you are a non-believer, go for the fun of it. The gift store is worth the visit just for some most unusual gifts.