“Hotels & Restaurants For Travel Adventures”

Pigeon Forge, Tennessee

We found MainStay Suites a very pleasant place to stay on a quiet street just past the Post Office at traffic Light # 6 and on the Orange Trolley Route . The rooms are all large comfortable suites with a small kitchen and most have private balconies. Breakfast in the common area is included, and there is a wonderful heated swimming pool, and laundry facilities. Children can run in the grassy area or play by the stream which runs in front. There is a great view of the Smoky Mountains. It is moderately priced and specializes in families, located a couple of blocks away from all the hub-bub of the busy Parkway, it is in a quiet neighborhood. A very good choice!


Ostersund, Sweden

We selected Hotel Zeta, a very comfortable, well-located small hotel with excellent service and good breakfast, and underground parking. Any time of year Ostersund is a beautiful stop for your holidays and is an easy drive to the favorite ski areas of Sweden. Contact here for more information.



In Stockholm we recommend Birger-Jarl Hotel, a wonderful full service hotel, named for the governor of 750 years ago. Birger-Jarl founded Stockholm as a powerful harbor, and gave it its importance in the world of the thirteenth century.

If you are requesting a business or junior suite you’ll be delighted with the amenities offered for every comfort of the office while away from home. Additionally, the seven suites are each unique, decorated by well-known Swedish designers. Ours was the Mr. Glad Junior Suite, with the concept that stressed business people need to sleep like babies. It has childish prints on the wall, huge high bed, and small low chairs, beautiful wooden floors and modern furniture for which Sweden is famous worldwide.

If your budget permits you to stay with stars and royalty, then book in at the Grand Hotel. It is famous as the first hotel in Europe to change the sheets between guests! It has a long and rich history, and a visit there will be worth the extravagant cost! It is well-located on the water in the City Center.



In Ostersund you may want to select the moderately priced, well-located Zeta Hotel which has very clean, comfortable rooms and such nice personel and excellent breakfasts. The parking is underground, so it is good any time of year, and you can walk to most anything in town.

Going to Knoxville, TN? For business or pleasure in the downtown area you can’t beat a stay at the lovely Radisson Summit Hill, which is newly redecorated and perfectly located with an excellent restaurant.

TERRIFIC TIP FOR ANYONE GOING TO NEW YORK CITY ON BUSINESS OR PLEASURE: Summerfield Suites by Wyndham in Whippany, NJ, at 1 Ridgedale Ave. is in a quiet setting and fairly nondescript on the outside, but the lovely big rooms at bargain prices are outstanding for the area, just thirty minutes by train from New York City. This would be a nice location for travelers who don’t wish to pay city prices. It also offers a great location for conventions at bargain rates. The quaintness and inviting surroundings make this an ideal spot to look into when booking your next venture to NYC. Call (973) 605-1001

When you are in the area don’t miss an evening of theater, but you don’t have to go to Manhattan! The historic Old Paper Mill Theater in Millburn, NJ, is an incredible bargain for theater goers who do not want to venture into the city. For tickets call (973) 376-4343 or click here. Professional actors give notable performances with beautiful staging and professional scenery that compares favorably to many Broadway productions for much less the cost. If you live in the area season tickets are a wise investment, and the series of children’s plays monthly is wonderful, for about the cost of a movie. All seats are excellent with good acoustics too. Make dinner reservations (973-379-2420) to dine early at the Carriage House Restaurant next door. Plan at least an hour and a half before show time because they are very busy with theater goers, and tell your waiter you must be finished in time for the play. The menus are theme related to the current performance and the food is quite good. click here

NEAR PRINCETON, NJ: You’re exhausted from work and frazzled by stress. Your muscles ache. You feel if you have to solve another problem or hear another complaint you’ll scream! City traffic and noise and rush have you completely strung out. Now picture walking quietly in a deep forest path, the scent of ever-greens and flowers surrounding you. Are you in quiet meditation or are you walking with your lover or best friend? Do you hear soft music and gentle laughter wafting through the air. Birds twitter above you, and you watch a breath-taking brilliant orange sunset. You decide to challenge your friend to a spirited game of tennis in a beautiful indoor gymnasium. Next you relax with your favorite drink by poolside, or soaking your tired muscles in a beautiful hottub. Then you are called for your luxurious facial and massage, with low lights, meditative music, and most professional expert care for an hour or two. You feel like you are floating to your lovely appointed large room overlooking a restful view of exquisite flowers. Fresh flowers are by your bed with the fruit and sweet tray and bottle of wine. Have you died and gone to heaven, flown to Hawaii, or having a wonderful dream? No, you are just about an hour from New York City or Philadelphia at the gorgeous Doral Forrestal Hotel and Spa at 100 College Road East, near Princeton, NJ., built with beauty and peace in mind, a perfect restorative week-end getaway. You’ll find a breath-taking setting of beauty everywhere you look, lovely buffets in two excellent restaurants, dancing , live music and entertainment. All for prices more reasonable than you’d expect with special packages available during the year. Call (609)452-7800 or click here You’ll never want to leave!

GOOD BUDGET FIND IN SAVANNAH, GA: Are the famous B&B’s already booked or can your budget not afford them? Well don’t miss Savannah, GA! We found the Day’s Inn to be very clean and comfortable and perfectly located for walking to nearly all the favorite tourist areas of the city. And they have parking in a convenient spot.